Shrink your pores? Diminish pore size? Make your pores disappear?

We’ve all learned the claims on so-called “pore-shrinking” products are mostly bogus. If you struggle with blackheads, you’ve probably been lured in by at least one of them before. And that’s unfortunate. These ploys blatantly pander to our perpetual desire to achieve perfect skin, touting results that are sadly unrealistic (if not altogether impossible).


Although it may be frustrating to some that we cannot make our pores vanish, we wouldn’t want to do that. Your pores are responsible for some vital functions: they release sebum (this is actually a good thing) and sweat (which enables your body to regulate its temperature). Without pores, you’d not only overheat—your skin would be parched, cracked, and scaly. Not a good look.


 The size of your pores, much like the size of your nose, is determined by genetics—and while they cannot be shrunken, they can, and often do grow larger as you age. What you certainly can do is improve their appearance by keeping them clear, so that they appear less pronounced.


I used to love pore strips. At one point, I had an unhealthy obsession with them. Seeing those blackheads get sucked up by a virtual vacuum is pretty satisfying. However, if used too often, these same pore strips that provide instant gratification can also disrupt the healthy balance of sebum in your pores and, over time, make them look bigger.

Similarly, harsh toners that strip skin and leave it squeaky clean can prompt your oil glands to overcompensate. This results in oilier skin and more visible and enlarged pores.



There are an overwhelming number of skin care products specifically designed for pores. In narrowing down my options, I thought it made the most sense to try the brand that pretty much revolutionized acne care by introducing a 3-step system: Proactiv®.

I’d seen their infomercials before—who hasn’t? But what got my attention this time was their latest line, Proactiv+. It uses something called Smart Target® technology, which envelops benzoyl peroxide (a popular acne-fighting ingredient) and delivers it into the pores where it can do its job. What this means is that it helps to purge the oil and debris that is clogging your pores and causing your blackheads.


Within a couple weeks of using Proactiv+, the appearance of my pores and blackheads on and around my nose were barely visible (the true test!).* I even noticed a few times, as I was exfoliating, some of my blackheads becoming “unplugged”—no extractions (aka pore strips) needed! When I read that benzoyl peroxide would help to unplug pores, I didn’t think it would be that literal.

By week 4, I started seeing other differences like a more even skin tone, and a glow—I’m talking a legitimate, post-workout-kind-of radiance.

Other users shared similar experiences. After 2 weeks, 95% said they noticed an improvement in their skin’s overall texture, and after 4 weeks, 89% said their pores appeared smaller.**

Of course, the only way to know if it works for your skin is to try it. Right now, there’s a deal going on where you can SAVE $10 on the Proactiv+ kit (originally $29.95) and get FREE SHIPPING. If you FOLLOW THIS LINK TO ORDER, they’ll also include a free Blackheads Dissolving Gel and Skin Purifying Mask.

I don’t think your plugged pores will stand a chance against that combination. And, in the event it doesn’t work for you, there’s always the money back guarantee (less S&H).


*Individual results may vary.
**Based on a user-perception study after a total of 13 weeks of use.
Brought to you by Proactiv+



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  • Reply Sara Martin March 18, 2017 at 4:26 am

    I am using proactiv blackhead dissolving gel from past 3 months. Great results guys.

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