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Natural deodorants aren’t known to pass the pew-yew test. I can attest to that. My husband swore off aluminum-laden antiperspirants a while back and began using Tom’s of Maine deodorants, a choice my nose has been suffering from ever since. For the sake of an odorless marriage, I’m constantly on the lookout for alternative deodorant options he might be willing to try to ward ofF the funk that Tom’s of Maine doesn’t. So, when Tara Foley, founder of the retailer Follain, mentioned Soapwalla’s deodorant cream has been selling briskly at her healthy beauty stores, my ears perked up. “It’s an aluminum-free deodorant that actually works really well,” she insisted. “Honestly, it’s awesome.” Well, I thought, it can’t be less awesome then Tom’s of Maine, but I figured I’d do a little experiment to see. My husband agreed to put Tom’s of Maine on one armpit and Soapwalla on the other to determine which natural deodorant squelches his stench best.

Soapwalla’s deodorant cream doesn’t look like any deodorant I’ve come across previously. It’s contained in a small, blue jar and has a pasty consistency. The instructions call for users to stir thoroughly with their fingers before scooping out a small amount and applying the cream to the armpits. After my husband finished up his morning shower, I handed him the jar and directed him how to smear on the cream. He wasn’t thrilled with the idea at first. “It’s a no-go,” he complained. “No guy is going to want to do this.” Being dutiful for once, he gamily complied despite his complaints and coated his armpits with the gook. “It is kind of patchouli-esque,” he moaned. I actually enjoyed the scent. The cream has tea tree, lavender, sweet orange, shea butter, bergamot and peppermint oil. Perhaps it does have a hippie vibe, but I think the smell is superior to the fake ocean mist aromas of many antiperspirants on the market.


The next morning while my husband was dressing for work, I commanded him to raise his arms so I could get a whiff of his pits. The left pit (i.e., where Tom’s of Maine was supposed to do its job) was pretty foul. (The things I do to inform you!) The right pit (the target of Soapwalla) was the exact opposite. It didn’t have a patchouli smell. It simply had no smell at all. I was seriously blown away (not by noxious fumes, thankfully). Soapwalla not only bested Tom’s of Maine in the competition to conceal my husband’s armpit reek, it crushed it. For proof of Soapwalla’s overwhelming victory, check out our bathroom. My husband has placed Soapwalla’s jar in an easy access spot to plunge his fingers into it every time he needs deodorant. If anyone asks me the secret to our marriage’s success, I might very well respond now that it’s Soapwalla.


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