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The Truth About Skin Care No One Is Talking About

I’m about to reveal the skin care industry’s biggest secret.  Did you know that up to 99% of the skin care products you’re using aren’t being absorbed?  That means that up to 99% sits on the top of the skin (SkinPenetrationand is eventually wiped off, washed off, or evaporates and provides no benefit to your skin. The skin care industry knows this, but your skin is a very effective barrier.  One of your skin’s primary jobs is to keep germs and pollution out of your body, but it also keeps beneficial skincare ingredients out of your skin.

There are ways to increase absorption but most are painful, require a doctor visit, cause redness and swelling, and can open your body to infection.  But now there’s one new way to increase absorption that’s pain free, completely safe, doesn’t open your system to infection, doesn’t cause redness or swelling, and you can do it at home in just one minute.  The solution is ultrasound.  That’s right- the same safe technology that doctors have been using for decades in OB offices and in sports medicine.  A company called JeNu recently released an at home ultrasonic infuser that uses ultrasonic energy to push more of your skincare products safely into your skin.  The JeNu Infuser is proven to make any skincare product work better and faster.  Earlier this month an independent research lab even presented their findings on the JeNu Infuser at the 40th International Society for Biophysics Conference. Click here to read the abstract that they published.

Here is a video that shows how the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser works to increase absorption of topical skin care products:

JeNu has been independently clinically proven to increase absorption of a leading department store anti-aging topical by 6X and a popular Vitamin C topical by 10X. When JeNu was used with a leading anti-aging cream, wrinkle length improved by 8.7X on 100% of subjects after 4 weeks vs  just using the cream alone-  and again this was measured by independent clinical lab technicians using medical imaging instruments.

But what did actual users say? When an independent research facility gave 160 women across the country a JeNu infuser to use with their normal skincare routine average satisfaction with the results of their skincare went from 50% prior to the study to 80% in just 28 days.

90% said that the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser System made their existing products work better.

80% couldn’t believe how much faster they saw results when they added JeNu.

Both Vogue and Forbes hailed JeNu as a ‘“game changer”’ for your skin care and said it “will change your skin care routine forever.” Dr. Oz featured it on a show about “the coolest new products and items we’re obsessed with and you will be, too!” And a Harvard MD, Oxford Rhodes Scholar and practicing dermatologist has even put her stamp of approval on it.

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MD: Harvard

Rhodes Scholar: Oxford

Clinical Residency: Stanford

Dr. R. Sonia Batra uses it herself and in her practice.


To try JeNu yourself, RISK-FREE and for as little as $18, CLICK HERE. They also offer FREE GIFTS, FREE SHIPPING and a 30-day MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE with your purchase.


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