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Sure, you can handle getting older. But smelling like an old lady, no thank you. Occasionally unruly, scent spritzes and sprays have the tendency to leave you – and those around you – in an old-lady fragrance fog. The fear of publicly filling a room or an elevator with unwelcome smells causes many women to sidestep scents altogether. Fear not fragrance-phobes, beauty brands are busy concocting nonconformist perfume formats that empower wearers to de-mistify their fragrance experiences. And I’m not referring to rollerballs, the popular sporty-sounding pen-type fragrance forms that slip easily into your purse. I’m suggesting scent selections that are quite out of the box or, in their cases, the bottle. Let your scents atypically enliven your senses with these three alternative fragrance variants: 



Perfume lockets and sachets have been worn throughout history, but have been largely relegated to history. That is until Lisa Hoffman resurrected the concept of fragrance jewelry in a big way. The wife of actor Dustin Hoffman and founder of a namesake perfume house designed earrings, necklaces and bracelets that hold spherical beads soaked in scent. The jewelry brings flexibility to fragrance wearing. In contrast to fragrance sprays that stay on once they’re sprayed, women can decide to take on and off earrings, necklaces and bracelets. “You experience it when you want,” states Joan Sutton, vice president of product development at Lisa Hoffman. In addition, she says, “It gives you the freedom to decide how much of the perfume you want to wear. You can put in two beads, four beads, eight beads or whatever you want. You can control the dosage.” The jewelry is paired with most of Lisa Hoffman’s scents, including Japanese Agarwood, French Clary Sage, Brazilian Begonia, Tuscan Fig and Tunisian Neroli. Prices range from $65 for a 30-inch necklace with gold finish to $85 for charm bracelets in collaboration with Swarovski and $2,400 for 14-karat gold earrings. Lisa Hoffman also partnered with jeweler Tom Binns on a $300 cuff, $250 pendant and $200 earrings featuring holes of varying sizes that mimic champagne bubbles to disseminate fragrance. The jewelry is perfect for fragrance lovers whose skin isn’t as in love with scents as they are. Sutton says, “The number-one reason people love it is because it is not on their skin. There are a lot of people with sensitivity to fragrance that haven’t been able to wear fragrance.”



Benjamin and Agnieszka Burnett’s travels inspired the married couple to create the fragrance brand Nomaterra. Fragrances, though, haven’t been particularly travel friendly. “We wanted to make sure the fragrances that we were making were versatile for lifestyles that demanded a lot of travel. There was nothing on the market for that. You have your mini spritzers and rollerballs. They still leak on the plane,” grumbles Agnieszka Burnett. Wipes are clear winners for globetrotters with a penchant for perfume. Small and convenient, they are pretty leak-proof. They aren’t, however, easy to develop for scents sake. Burnett reports Nomaterra toiled for two years to finalize its On-The-Go Fragrance Wipes, which are sold in a $20 pack of 12 wipes comprised of Nomaterra’s three bestselling scents: Miami Orange Blossom, Malibu Honeysuckle, and Oahu Gardenia. “We had to get the exact right concentration of the fragrance, so it wouldn’t be super strong when you put it on, but also it would stay on your skin,” explains Burnett. Apparently, Nomaterra got its wipes recipe right. They’ve garnered loyal fans. Burnett says, “For the traditional perfume wearer who really appreciates a beautiful bottle, it isn’t really for her. It is for the modern perfume wearer who is on the go. Women of that sort love it.”



Fragrance is the one beauty product these days that’s not usually a multitasker. Making you smell good is its main job. Yet, scents don’t have to be so single-minded. Sherri Sebastian, owner and founder of Sebastian Signs Fragrances, is showing that fragrance can be multidimensional with perfume gels crafted out of Argan oil from her brand’s natural fragrance line Purusa Naturals. Sebastian elaborates, “They are smooth gels infused with natural aromatic essences that glide onto skin. They are occlusive, which means some of the gel will delicately coat the skin, while some will penetrate and moisturize providing multiple benefits.” Priced from $115 to $125, the hydrating perfume gels are available in four scents – petalum, leaf, root and seed – derived from the parts of plants that give them their names. With a consistency similar to petroleum jelly, they aren’t your average perfumes, and Sebastian advises not putting them on in the regular manner. She recommends applying a pea size dollop to the outer forearms to allow for the gels’ scents to both blossom and stick around. Different from on spraying on a few spritzes, the gel application process can be personal and sensual. Although the method and the medium may be strange to some, gels are opening up perfume wearers to a world beyond bottled fragrance juices. Sebastian says, “People seem to be very excited about them, especially people who prefer not to use alcohol-based perfumes and colognes. The gels allow people to experience fragrances in a new way.”

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