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As someone with short, fine lashes I’ve come to terms with the fact that my hunt for the best mascara may be never ending. I can’t say I’ve found the perfect tube just yet, but after much experimentation with mascaras that run the gamut from drug store steals to makeup artist staples, it seems the only real way to get the triple threat (length, volume, and curl) is with three different formulas. Mascara wands are all created with different purposes in mind, and combining the right ones can create a pretty spectacular effect. It may be a bit time consuming, and by no means an everyday occurrence, but when the occasion calls I’ll gladly take the time to layer on different formulas for the added drama. We are living in the era of the Kardashian faux-lash look after all. My ideal trio might be different by the end of the month but right now I’m seeing some major results from this combination:

Base coat –The short rubbery bristles of the brush from the CoverGirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara are ideal for separating lashes and adding volume.

Second coat – After my lashes have a solid base coat I add a layer of Diorshow Volum Lash-Extension Effect to lengthen. The buildable cream formula gives that false lash look without the dreaded clumping.

Top coat – Benefit’s newest mascara tops off my routine by lifting and curling. The brush has tiny hooks that catch and curl any length of lashes.

In the ongoing debate of the best mascaras, there will never be a clear cut winner. The only answer seems to be that more is more – so get to experimenting, you finally have a way to justify all those mascara purchases you’ve made.

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