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The Broncos may have been the Super Bowl victors last Sunday, but I was blown away by the power, stamina and grit of the players on both teams (not to mention Beyoncé). I can’t even imagine the amount of preparation and perspiration that went into achieving peak performance on the big day. I was totally inspired to put down the chips, get off the couch and raise my heart rate. While I’m far, far, far from being a professional athlete, I’m trying to squeeze in workouts in between job and parenting duties. I’ve committed to weekly yoga sessions and added a circuit class to my schedule. Increasing my activity level feels great with two caveats: bigger laundry loads and the occasional breakout. My fitness accomplishments will definitely be diminished if push-ups, burpies, bicep curls, downward dogs, steps and strides wreak havoc on my complexion. To make sure that doesn’t happen, I asked skin care experts Celeste Hilling, chief executive officer of the brand Skin Authority, and celebrity aestheticians Nerida Joy and Geri Giagnorio for some advice on how to sweat without sacrificing my skin. Their recommendations can help you stay healthy and save your face, too.

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