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When pimples and blackheads made high school miserable, how many times did you hear:

  • Stop worrying … you’ll grow out of it”
  • Stop worrying … only teenagers get pimples and blackheads”
  • Stop worrying … wait a few years and your skin will be beautiful again. You’ll see.”

So here you are, a few years (or more) later and you’re still worrying about acne!

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Introducing ProactivMD’s Adapalene: The Game-Changing Acne Treatment

Acne-sufferers are no strangers to the pharmacy. But for those looking for an effective over-the-counter product, finding the right one can often be an endless case of trial and error. You’re not alone. Nearly half of adults have used 3 to 7 different acne treatments and still 81% say they’ve never found an effective treatment. It’s either too expensive, too drying, or too irritating. And the irritation goes beyond skin-deep.

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ProactivMD with Adapalene Brings the Power of Prescription to Skincare OTCs

Many of us use one or more prescription medications on a daily basis. But the road to getting that prescription in hand is often long and arduous. First there’s the doctor’s visit, then dropping off the prescription at the pharmacy, and then waiting to pick it up. For non-vital prescriptions, extra visits to the pharmacy become an inconvenience. That’s why some people choose over-the-counter medications when they can, because there’s no waiting or calling in—all they have to do is just pick up and go.

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Who’s not busy these days? Between work, errands, kids, exercise, sleep and figuring out how to feed ourselves, we’re surprised we had a moment to write this post. Spas, dermatologists and even hotels understand their customers and patients are pressed for time, and are putting more accelerated skin care services – 30 minutes as compared to 60 to 90 minutes is popular for express options, but service durations are shrinking to as little as 10 minutes – on their menus to help squeeze sessions into crowded schedules. “Today, we live in a world that is fast-paced, yearns for instant gratification and strives for time efficiency. Offering quick, yet effective treatments allow clients to feel we are catering to their increasing daily demands, while still offering a brief moment of ‘me’ time,” says dermatologist Dennis Gross, whose New York office completes an Alpha Beta® Peel in under 30 minutes. Not every skin care service, however, should be done before you’ve finished watching the latest episode of “Younger.” We asked Gross and Angelina Umansky, a medical aesthetician and co-owner of San Francisco’s Spa Radiance, to advise us on which services to get over short stretches and setting our expectations for the truncated treatments.

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The Real Reason Your Teen is Dreading Going Back to School


Getting your teen ready to head back to school can be a stressful time. From buying the right school supplies and wardrobe staples to getting back into a routine after months of summertime fun, your teen might seem hesitant to get back to the grind. But there could be something more behind her back-to-school jitters. The culprit? Acne.

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If you think selfies are just for social media posts, think again. Curology, a service offering customized acne and anti-aging prescriptions, uses your selfies to help you shoot even better selfies by evaluating your skin care problems based on them and issuing treatments designed to address those problems. Formerly called PocketDerm, Curology is at the forefront of telehealth, a wave of advancements in medical care that’s linking patients with doctors through computers, iPads and smartphones. Curology’s technology allows dermatologist David Lortscher, its cofounder and chief executive officer, to be a modern-day version of the old school family doctor, who made house calls and knew his or her patients personally. Lortscher cares for patients across the country without putting miles on his car. He took time out of his packed schedule of seeing them to talk to us about Curology and the benefits of virtual dermatology. While we had an acne expert on the phone, we seized upon the opportunity to lob a few questions at Lortscher about adult acne, and he gamely supplied informative answers.

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