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When beauty brands sense a trend is rising, they can really pounce. Two years ago, we might have thought sheet masks were parts of ghostly Halloween costumes. Today, we can’t browse a beauty store without crossing them. There are no fewer than 20 varieties at Sephora, Ulta and Glow Recipe, an online destination bursting with thin beauty gauzes from Korean brands. And more American brands everyday are riding the sheet mask tsunami that started abroad: Estee Lauder, Colbert MD and Peter Thomas Roth are among the latest to release versions of the skin care sheaths. Not that we’re protesting. We’re fans of the instantaneous tautness sheet masks deliver as well as their promises of long-term radiance. But the proliferation of sheet masks has left us confused about how to best distinguish between them and apply them appropriately. To unmask sheet masks, we sought guidance from the sheet mask intelligentsia in the form of Glow Recipe founders Christine Chang and Sarah Lee. Here are four of their top sheet mask suggestions:

Consider Sheet Masks That Aren’t Cotton  

kelpChang and Lee explain, “The material that a sheet mask is made from makes all the difference. We love the next generation materials utilized by Korean women such as hydrogel sheet masks and the super organic sea kelp sheet mask. What’s so great about masks like these is the fact that the material that is force-feeding your skin hydration and nutrients is also composed of skin-loving ingredients that adhere to and conform to the unique contours of the face while also driving that nourishment in in a harsh-free, intensive way.”

Pick The Proper Ingredients

Chang and Lee effuse, “We love sea kelp masks or any products containing niacinamide for their brightening and nourishing effects. The antioxidants in the ingredients work to not only nourish the skin, but also protect it from further damage and irritation by creating a protective barrier.”

Be Wary Of The Wrong Ingredients

Chang and Lee warn, “It’s not only about the ingredients that work well, but ingredients that should be avoided considering this treatment is wrapping the skin for 20-plus minutes. Any sheet masks containing parabens, alcohol, artificial dyes or fragrances can strip and deplete the skin. So while a mask’s intentions may be good, their ingredients make all of the difference in the delivery and outcome of the treatment.”

Watch The Clock

Chang and Lee state, “The beauty of sheet masks is the convenient, quick treatment process. Sheet masks treatment time ranges any where from 20 to 30 minutes. For added nourishment without added time, we recommend taking any left over serum from the sheet mask packet and applying to the skin following nourishment. Most importantly one must remember never to leave a sheet mask on for extended periods of time, or sleep with a sheet mask. While it may seem like this would just be extra doses of nourishment, this can actually dry the skin leaving it depleted and dehydrated.”

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