This past year was filled with mega beauty trends in a mega way. If you aren’t familiar with contouring, strobing, eyebrows on fleek, the rebirth of Nineties-era brown lip shades, Korean beauty products or rainbow-hued hair, you’ve probably been stuck in a cave somewhere. Of all the trends, colorful coifs were the most universal. From the youngest among us to the oldest, it seems like bold and bright were the prevalent picks for tresses in 2015. If history is any indication, a trend is followed by an equally powerful countertrend. That means 2016 could shape up to be the year natural colored locks reappear in force. To get you squarely on the next beauty bandwagon, we asked Amber Maynard Bolt, a hairstylist at West Hollywood salon Nine Zero One who’s celebrity clients include Hilary Duff, Helen Hunt, Carly Chaikin and Demi Lovato, for tips to skillfully reverse your polychrome hair. Here’s her top four:

1) Let it fade naturally. Trying to force the color out may drive the color into the hair shaft. These colors are temporary stains, and they don’t work like traditional hair color. You can actually cause a lot of damage to the hair by forcing it out. By forcing, I mean bleaching.

2) If you have a color that fades to a not-so-pretty color like blue or green, I recommend putting purple over it to tone it out and then let that fadeout. It’s a beautiful result, and you get to be another color on top of it.

3) If you’re in a bit of a rush to get it out, I recommend washing with a shampoo that will help overly clean your hair. I like Unite’s Weekender Shampoo. If you don’t have access to that, Pert Plus will do.

4) If you really need to get that color out fast, I recommend going to a professional. We are trained in all ways to remove all hair colors.


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