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Not humming a happy tune in the shower? Well, I’ve got some news that may raise the spirits of your song. The shower may not be quite transforming into your vanity, but it is getting closer to it. For convenience and ease, beauty companies are launching more and more products you can use where you shampoo, condition and soap. If you’re like me, you’re already a prodigious multitasker, so adding another duty as you cleanse shouldn’t be much of a strain. These in-shower saviors shave time off your beauty routine and still give you stunning results. Here are three beauty items you should consider your bathing BFFs:

Here Comes the Sun

If you’re like me, you long for any product that makes SPF a simpler step in your regimen. I’ve tried moisturizers and BB creams with sun protection, and nifty products that help you reapply throughout the day such as Supergoop’s Defense Refresh Setting Mist and Colorescience’s Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush. Those options are wonderful, but I’ve remained on the hunt for products with unparalleled protection that don’t require too much work. My hunt may be over. Luca Russo, the doctor and sun damage reversal expert behind The Rejuvenation Clinic & Medispa in London, is launching a namesake brand of sun care products, including two cleansers, driven by a “wash-on” technology that deposits broad-band SPF 30 sun protection into your skin while you wash and keeps it there long after you’re done washing. The technology depends upon a positively charged delivery system that is drawn to negatively charged skin. All you have to do is massage the cleansers into your skin in circles, rinse and pat dry. It’s incredibly straightforward. I am betting I’ll even get my sunscreen-averse father to cover himself with protection using Dr Russo’s products.

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Cool for the Summer

Forget tanning beds. Think tanning showers. St. Tropez has developed In-Shower Gradual Tan, a self-tanner you can apply between shampooing and conditioning to get a golden glow. Just slather the formula onto your wet skin in circular motions, wait three minutes and rinse off with warm water. As Allure explains, the product contains a thin solvent that protects DHA, the ingredient that darkens your skin, from decomposing and, before you’ve finished mouthing your unique water-logged version of Demi Lovato’s catchy summer hit, enough DHA has reacted with the amino acids in your skin to deepen the tone. Elle’s Emily Farra is a huge fan. She enthuses, “The color is perfect, and I’d recommend it to even the fairest, most self-tanner-averse women.” However, even Farra admits the color can be extremely subtle at first. St. Tropez recommends In-Shower Gradual Tan users apply the product three consecutive days or more – and more may definitely be necessary to perfect your tan. You’re probably going to be in the shower most days anyway. Why not achieve a great tan while you’re in there?


Let It Rain

Do you ever notice your hair looks better when you travel? It might be that r&r is making your tresses terrific – or it could be that, back at home, residue in your water is weighing down your strands. Raindrops, a showerhead designed to help you achieve healthy hair and skin, will rid your water of that stubborn residue. It uses a six-step filtration process to do so: a sediment treatment that strains big particles, rust and iron; a coconut shell-driven activated carbon treatment eliminating chlorine and odor; a calcium sulfite treatment that also attacks chlorine; a kdf or kinetic degradation fluxion treatment that eradicates heavy metals; a magnet treatment zapping the smaller particles; and a ceramic ball treatment that stimulates water to boost moisture levels of your skin and hair. Certainly, nothing is a “fountain of youth,” but Raindrops provides a foundation for better hair and skin. You’re already trying to pretty your pelt with expensive hair treatments. Why let those go to waste with residue-filled water?


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