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You know those Instagram accounts that have perfectly filtered pictures of the sunrise and an inspirational quote about seizing the day? I’m always really jealous of those because a picture like that will likely never grace my feed. I’ve been trying to cross over to the land of bright eyed and bushy tailed morning people for years now, and I just don’t think it’s in the cards for me. I’m blaming it on genetics because there’s really nothing I can do to change my love for a late night over an early morning. While I may never be a full blown morning person, I’ve picked up some pretty good tips over the years to make it look like I’m running on nothing less than the doctor recommended 8 hours of sleep. Advice on how to look your best after a long night is nothing new, and I’m not claiming to reinvent the wheel here but I do consider myself a bit of an expert in the field.

I’m no health professional but I’ve read countless articles on the benefits of hot water and lemon first thing in the morning. I’m not one to ignore a trending idea so I gave it a shot; and now I really wish I would have known about this sooner. After a mug of my morning goodness and a hot shower I feel how most morning people probably do upon their initial ascent into morning.

It seems like my skin looks a little dull in the morning after smashing it into my pillow and avoiding any form of light for a few hours. Cleaning with an exfoliating powder that’s gentle enough for everyday use leaves my skin instantly brighter and smoother. My favorite formula is a rice based powder the skin health geniuses at Dermalogica recommend. I always follow up with a mineral based sunscreen from Coola that smells like cucumber heaven, a perfectly refreshing fragrance for the morning. We all know why we have to wear sunscreen so I’ll spare you that lecture.


Now that I feel like a morning person, the next step is looking the part of one. My goal is to achieve the bright-eye glow that morning people naturally have; so I stick to lighter, brightening makeup and save the dramatic stuff for night. Depending on the morning and the night before, my concealer of choice may be different. If I’m in serious need of coverage I always grab Neutrogena 3-in-1 concealer for eyes. It’s creamy, highly pigmented formula doesn’t settle into fine lines or cake on. If I just need to brighten up a bit, I go for Benefit’s Erase Paste. I usually stay away from liquid foundation in my morning routine and stick with a mineral powder instead, I like Bare Mineral’s version the best. I finish off with some peachy cheek color from Too Faced for that natural glow I keep talking about.



Last step before I’m out the door to take on the day with the rest of the go-getters is my hair. I am very vocal about my disdain for the arduous task of blow-drying my hair. Thankfully for long-haired lazy girls everywhere, beach waves are the trend that just won’t go away. I spray a little Surf Infusion spray in my hair and twist it around for a few minutes for an end result that’s pretty impressive.


As it turns out, mornings aren’t so bad. After some easy fixes you probably feel pretty good – it just takes us night owls a little longer to get to that happy place.

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