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When your friend says she’s going to the salon to get hair extensions or eyelash extensions, you probably don’t think much of it except for maybe a quick bout of jealousy that you’re not the one treating yourself. When she says she’s getting eyebrow extensions you might question her judgement a bit more. With the ongoing quest for eyebrows to be on ‘fleek’ (whatever that means) salons have started to up their brow capabilities. Tinting, threading, waxing, and tweezing are taking a backseat to eyebrow extensions – the latest craze in the beauty biz that’s on its way to mainstream America.

Thankfully for bushy browed gals, the Cara Delevignes of the world have made distinctive eyebrows a much desired look. Those with sparse eyebrows, whether that be by genetics or a bad case of over-plucking, didn’t get so lucky and have probably spent an unfortunate amount of time figuring out the art that is drawing in your brows. If you’ve had enough of this arduous task, eyebrow extensions may be an appealing option. An appointment takes about two hours and the process is similar to that of eyelash extensions. Both applications are the same in that tiny, individual synthetic hairs are meticulously glued to your existing hairs (and sometimes skin if necessary). Unlike eyelash extensions, there’s not much risk of any permanent damage to your brows. The aftercare is pretty simple too – leave your brows for 24 hours after treatment to let the glue set. The extensions will eventually fall out on their own within 2-3 weeks but if you’re not ready to give up your new fuller look you can easily keep it by getting fill-ins.

Beauty editors that have eagerly been guinea pigs to this relatively new trend have given rave reviews across the board. Leeann Duggan, a self-proclaimed Tomboy and vigorous Tweezerman user from Refiney 29, shares her experience at Wink Brow Bar. Similar brow bars with full menus of services are popping up in major cities across the country. Since I was blessed (or cursed if the skinny arches of the 90’s ever make a comeback) with never ending eyebrows, extensions are something I won’t have to think about it in the foreseeable future. I’ll definitely be following this trend as it gains traction though. If you’re not quite convinced a strong eyebrow game is necessary, these impressive before and afters from Buzzfeed might make you think twice about that.

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