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Here at BBTA, we’re beyond excited for fall. Bring on the cooler weather, pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween costumes and, most importantly, loads of beauty product launches. One of the biggest launches of the season is Bliss’ entry into cosmetics. That’s right, the spa that put Triple Oxygen Facials and Fatgirlslim toning treatments on the beauty map has veered into makeup with a ginormous collection of over 300 products packed with good-for-you skin care ingredients like hyaluronic acid, encapsulated algae, green tea, and lavender and avocado oils to make your face glow. “If you are a Bliss girl, you have a busy social calendar, and you might be piling on makeup on your way out of the spa that’s detrimental to your facial. So, we’ve created a makeup line that’s the last step in your facial,” says Edwin Batista, global director of education and events at Bliss. Fortunately, you don’t have to get a Bliss facial to feel the facial effects of its makeup. Priced from $14 to $36, Bliss products are widely available at Kohl’s.

Not surprisingly for a skin care specialist, Bliss makes a huge statement about its strength in complexion products with its color cosmetics debut. It has created two versions of tinted moisturizers (Instant ‘Tint’stant and oil-free Just A little Tint); three takes on concealer (under eye wonder Feeling Bright, full coverage dynamo Undercover Secret, and anti-blemish concealer Mend It, Blend It); a lightweight creamy matte powder called Em’powder Me; and long-wear liquid foundation dubbed ‘Stay’cation. The coverage products are designed not to detract from – and, in fact, improve upon – a canvas of healthy skin. They leave it polished and nourished. After all, if your tinted moisturizer, foundation, powder or concealer makes your skin appear ruddy or discolored, the money you’ve poured into skin care products and services is headed straight down the drain.

Bliss powers up your complexion with more than just coverage products, though. The brand has honed in on two complexion winners that you might want to consider adding to your makeup routine. The first is Un-Buffing Believable, a fine balm with light-reflecting technology that keeps your makeup in place. Beauty brands these days are constantly on the hunt for the Instagram filter-like products that diffuse pores and wrinkles, and this balm is probably the closest product we’ve seen to producing that filtered look. The second is Mad About Smooth, a mineral primer containing SPF 15. As its name suggests, this primer really smooths out your skin to set the stage for even makeup application. Olivia Makinson, marketing and press relations coordinator for Hatchbeauty, a product development firm that worked with Bliss on its color cosmetics products, says, “For people who might be new to primer, this is a super easy one because it’s very universal.”

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Bliss’ move into color cosmetics is only the beginning of the spa enterprise’s creep across many consumer categories. It’s introduced activewear at Kohl’s, and is extending into out into candles and home fragrance as well. If Bliss’ efforts in color cosmetics are any indication, we’re firmly on board the Bliss bandwagon.


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