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Between kisses and sips of champagne this past New Year’s, we bid farewell to several beauty trends that were everywhere in 2105 and opened the door to a bunch of new makeup, hair, nail and skin care developments that will shape our faces, hair, hands, bodies and social media feeds over the next year. I have a ideas for trends that should get the heave-ho (see: the Kylie lip challenge and rampant ageism) and ones we’d be better for if they were big in 2016 (body positivity and the brown lip shades that bring back junior high memories of dancing to Debbie Gibson and Tiffany). To add expertise to BBTA’s beauty prognostication, I asked a few of our favorite beauty authorities to share their thoughts on the beauty crazes that should have expired on Dec. 31 and those that began their ascent on Jan. 1. If their predictions are correct, be prepared for a fascinating year ahead on the beauty front.

Sayonara To These Beauty Fads That Sizzled In 2015

Justin Tyme, makeup artist: “Contour palettes! For some reason – we can safely say reality TV and social media – the old ways of feminizing men for theatre (a.k.a., modern drag make-up) became a beauty trend that has spawned unlimited products meant to sculpt the face to be camera-ready with cheekbones that can be seen from space. The problem with this trend is it makes it seem as though there is only one face of beauty. If this trend makes you feel your most authentic and beautiful, that’s fantastic! It’s a fun look. However, the makeup-wearing population should know there is beauty to be found in every face that can be accentuated with makeup. If you’re not on television or having your photo taken, complementing your natural features is much less time consuming and looks beautiful.”


Paz Stark, founder of Stark Waxing Studio and Stark Frontier: “The beauty trend I would not be sad to see fade away is spray tanning. I love to see skin that is pale, freckled, flawed and natural. Let nature take her course and don’t clog your pores with an unnecessary amount of colors and chemicals.”


Amy Nadine, celebrity makeup artist, cofounder of The Beauty Department and a member of Beauty’s Most Wanted’s beauty roster: “I’d love to see over-stenciled ‘Instagram’ brows retire. There’s nothing feminine about them, and I’d love to see them replaced with a feathered brow where you can see the skin beneath the hairs.”


Stephen Dimmick, celebrity makeup artist and cofounder of GlossiGirl: “Thankfully, contour is the trend that will be leaving us in 2016. What started out as a trusted old school technique saw new heights of ridiculousness in 2015. Aside from the time consuming aspect of contouring, women are seeking truth in their own beauty and what enhances that beauty or what can be fun.”


Christin Powell, vice president of product development at EVER Skincare: “Traditional foundations. Today’s consumer wants her natural glow to shine through. She knows that great skin is the most beautiful makeup. Traditional opaque foundations create an unnatural look that covers a woman’s natural skin color. Thus, women are leaving traditional foundations behind in favor of multi-functional tinted moisturizers that include SPF protection, skincare benefits and luminizing benefits. EVER’s DAYLIGHT Tinted is the solution for women wanting 5 solutions in one product: light coverage, color correction, moisture, SPF and a hint of luminosity.”


Salutations To These Beauty Trends Set To Surge In 2016

Justin Tyme, makeup artist: “My trend prediction for 2016 is liquid lipsticks. Not that the product itself is new, but, over the last few years, we’ve seen that cosmetic lines are coming out with liquid lip products more and more. I think the instant gratification of the hydration and intense color gives a lip the feel of a lipstick/lip stain/lipgloss in one product. As a makeup artist, I can tell you when you’re doing a press junket or filming often there isn’t time to touch up every with every product. You need one that you know you can depend on. Recently, I was doing a press junket for the movie ‘Joy’ with Virginia Madsen, I used bliss color’s bold over liquified lipstick in ‘mauve-in on up.’ It gave her lips the high pigment of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss and the long wear of a stain, all while keeping her lips immensely hydrated. She barely needed touch up and, when I did, it was simply applying one fantastic product! I think as consumers and artists alike leave behind the 30-step daily beauty regimen that was so popular this year, they’ll adopt a liquid lipstick to save both time and money.”


Paz Stark, founder of Stark Waxing Studio and Stark Frontier: “The beauty trend I welcome with open arms is any combination of face and body oils. I love the Stark Body Oil that is made with almond skin oil and scented with essential oils. It’s nourishing, hydrating, and it smells great. I am also a huge fan of the Malin & Goetz Facial Cleansing Oil for removing make up and just clean off the accumulated grime from the day.”


Amy Nadine, celebrity makeup artist, cofounder of The Beauty Department and a member of Beauty’s Most Wanted’s beauty roster: “I think a lacquered lip will be big in 2016 as the pendulum swings away from a dry matte lip.”


Stephen Dimmick, celebrity makeup artist and cofounder of GlossiGirl: “Bold neutrals like gold and chocolate. What I love about gold is that it really plays up so many different eye colors from brown to blue to green. [Try] deep chocolate and caramels for lips. Yes, even in summer!”


Stephanie Stone, celebrity makeup artist and creative director of Nailing Hollywood: “Extravagant nail art trends are always going to come and go in waves, but, for 2016, it’s going to be more on the quiet side. Women now know all that’s capable when it comes to nail art – essentially anything!! – but are looking for simple, chic and more everyday wearable looks to sport on their tips. We’re going to be seeing a lot of graphic nail art with unexpected color contrasts that pop. Metallics, the often-forgotten category of nail polish, are also going to be in the spotlight in 2016. Matte/shiny contrasts in ways other than the French tip will also be a fun go to nail look for nail artists.”


Hillary Peterson, chief executive officer and founder of True Nature Botanicals: “In 2016, beauty will continue to evolve toward more thoughtful and effective skincare solutions. I expect to see completely useless and harmful ingredients like plastic miocrobeads discontinued, even in states that have not yet banned them, and replaced by equally affective alternatives such as adzuki bean powder. In the realm of skin lightening actives, I expect that increasingly active forms of vitamin c will replace concerning ingredients such as hydroquinone that have been banned in other countries. Natural and biomemetic solutions will continue to gain steam as they are most definitely the safest and most effective choice.”


Elisa Hills and Erika McKellar, cofounders of BLNDN: “2015 was crazy fun with wild braids, purples, blues, greens, and everything in between. Hair is all about expressing yourself, and that’s why we love our industry. 2016 will also be about self-expression, but in a more natural, ‘what your mama gave ya’ type of way…back to basics, natural textures, lowlights, classic low bun twists, and effortless styles.”


Christin Powell, vice president of product development at EVER Skincare: “Micro-algae. As opposed to macro-algae [or] seaweed and kelp, micro-algae are single cell creatures that have multi-functional benefits for the skin: they hydrate, can help stimulate collagen, protect the skin from environmental aggressors and can provide instant firming effects. As we rely less on petrochemicals [such as] mineral oil, parabens and propylene glycol, and lean towards sustainable options, micro-algae from the sea is ideal for helping the skin stay protected from air that is drier, warmer and more susceptible to sun damage. EVER’s REVIVE contains a micro-algae complex that helps to fill in skin furrows and fine lines around the eyes and tighten and firm skin quickly while providing long term smoothing effects, while YOUTHFUL contains a red algae that can help reduce visible redness.”





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