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The Truth About Skin Care No One Is Talking About

I’m about to reveal the skin care industry’s biggest secret.  Did you know that up to 99% of the skin care products you’re using aren’t being absorbed?  That means that up to 99% sits on the top of the skin (SkinPenetrationand is eventually wiped off, washed off, or evaporates and provides no benefit to your skin. The skin care industry knows this, but your skin is a very effective barrier.  One of your skin’s primary jobs is to keep germs and pollution out of your body, but it also keeps beneficial skincare ingredients out of your skin.

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Today’s Monday Must Have is brought to you by Kelly Rothschild – Former Beauty Buyer for Nordstrom and

As a cosmetics buyer I have tried many products throughout my 20+ years in the business. I absolutely love anything with ultrasound technology because it makes everything work better…. I mean think “Sonicare Toothbrush” years ago which was a game changer in the dental world.  First, if you are not familiar with the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser, it is an at home device that is very sleek and easy to use.

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