There are swaths of the day in which we are away from our families, our friends, our desks, our beds, our cars and our houses, but we are almost never separated from our cellphones. Our attachment to technology has consequences for our skin. Neeley Kolsch knows that all too well. Working in disaster recovery, she was on her phone 24/7 gathering information about the latest fires and floods. Her results on the ground addressing disasters were impressive, but the results on her face weren’t so stellar. Kolsch was plagued by breakouts along the side of her face. “I was always glued to my technology, and I learned they were from my cellphone,” she says. “It is a breeding ground for germs.”

Kolsch’s pimples raised a question: could wipes ridding cellphone screens of germs clear her skin? She decided to experiment with the concept and created Well-Kept, a brand of such wipes that is now launching at Sephora. Thankfully, swiping Well-Kept’s wipes on her cellphone zapped Kolsch’s zits. “After I started cleaning my phone more regularly everyday, I did notice a difference,” she reveals. “There is definitely a connection [between phones and pimples]. I have spoken with a lot of aestheticians and beauty experts, and they are seeing people getting blemishes along the side of their faces from cellphone use.”

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Well-Kept’s wipes are quite different from traditional baby wipes. “Most of the time baby wipes are made out of cotton. That can leave lint on your screen,” explains Kolsch. “Our towelette is not going to leave lint on your screen. We also have really great closures to our packs. One of the things that really bothered me was when a pack of towelettes I bought dried out really easily with the sticker closures. Ours have a resealable closure that really helps prolong the life of your towelettes.” Additionally, Well-Kept’s quick-dry, non-toxic formula ensures iPhones and Androids won’t stay soggy, and its lack of scented oils means screens won’t get streaks.

Baby wipe packs can be adorable, but they’re not very adult. Designed for stylish women on the go, Well-Kept’s towelettes are wrapped in packaging festooned with fashionable patterns, including cream and black stripes in the Buckhead collection, navy and aqua geometric designs in the Cape View collection, and colorful zigzags in a collection named for Karogoto, Kenya, where a portion of the proceeds from sales of the packs with the pattern will go. When Kolsch began studying the electronics wipe market in the process of developing Well-Kept, she recalls she found “everything was big, bulky and utilitarian. There was nothing cute and chic that I was excited to have in my purse. I noticed a void in the market for a fashionable wipe.” Well-Kept is certainly looking swanky and smart in our purses here at BBTA.



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