Acne Hacks in Your Makeup Bag

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When you have acne, all you want to do is hide. But between work, exercise,  and your social life, that’s not practical. So you reach for your bag of tricks: your makeup arsenal. Then you worry that makeup will make it worse. It feels like a no-win situation, but doesn’t have to be.  Here’s how to use your makeup for what it’s made for.

When you buy makeup, moisturizer and sunscreen,  be sure to look for  “non-comedogenic”on the packaging. That’s a technical way of saying “this makeup won’t clog your pores.” And clogging your pores voluntarily is the quickest way to breakouts.

General tips

The best makeup tip is to avoid causing breakouts at all costs. Here  are some suggestions to keep your skin clean and clear:

  • Never apply makeup to a just-squeezed pimple. According to dermatologists, it could lead to infection. Too late? Use a spot treatment on the broken-out area before you put makeup on.
  • Don’t skip the moisturizer. It may seem counterintuitive, but when your skin is too dry, it produces more sebum (oil). Give your moisturizer a minute to absorb into your skin before applying foundation. Otherwise, the foundation will look streaky. This goes for all of your products. Patience is a virtue.
  • Always make sure your makeup brushes and hands are clean before applying makeup, as they can leave pore-clogging bacteria behind if they’re dirty.
  • Less is more. It’s tempting to think that caking on makeup will hide the evidence better, but it actually calls more attention to your pimples. Try not to go overboard and use only the products that you need.


How-To: Conceal a Blemish

You’ve done everything you can to prevent a breakout, but sometimes, you still get a pimple here and there. The good news is that it’s only temporary. Now you’re ready for the makeup hack that industry professionals use.

Celebrity makeup artist Amy Nadine recently did a video for Proactiv® using a concealer that is medicated with Salicylic Acid.  Check out her lesson here:

That’s it! Now proceed with the rest of your makeup routine.


The Non-Negotiables

Some tips are non-negotiable. Pay attention to the following:

  • Always wash your face and take your makeup off before bed. No matter how tired you are, friends don’t let friends sleep in makeup. Always be gentle when you clean your face. Scrubbing causes skin aggravation.
  • Don’t skip sunscreen. Again, if your sunscreen is non-comedogenic, it won’t clog your pores. Even more importantly, everyone needs protection from the sun’s damaging effects.
  • Make sure all of your makeup products (even blushes and eye shadows) are non-greasy and non-comedogenic (or non-acnegenic).

It’s never fun to have acne, but it doesn’t have to be a drag.  These makeup tips will help you create a natural look that hides your blemish while it clears. If you’re looking for a long-term solution to fight acne and get clear, confident skin, consider a 3-step system from Proactiv®, America’s #1 acne brand. Proactiv® also carries non-comedogenic makeup – like the Repairing Concealer – that contains salicylic acid to both conceal and fight acne. With introductory offers starting at $19.95 and a 60-day money back guarantee (less S/H), it’s a valuable investment for your skin. Go to for more details.

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