Considering how many beauty resources there are these days—magazines, online forums, social outlets like Pinterest, a myriad of blogs—it might seem that finding one’s personal beauty groove should be easier than ever before. Is it just me, or is the opposite actually true?

For me—and, by the way, I’m in my mid-30s—the infinite and ever-growing amount of information out there is, more often than not, anything but relatable. I’m at a point where I’m too old for neon hair and too young for a facelift. I don’t really feel a sense of kinship with a 19-year old blogger who has three different kinds of “daytime smoky eyes” up her sleeve, because honestly, I not only lack the time in the morning to spend an hour on my eye makeup—I no longer look good with it. (Much less so underneath fluorescent office lighting.) Women my mother’s age surely feel the same way. Certainly, though, they’re equally uninterested in taking a peek inside my beauty cabinet—after all, it just doesn’t make sense that a 65 year-old should employ the same regimen as someone 30 years her junior. Women in their 60s want to know what products, in-office techniques, makeup looks and the like work for … women in their 60s. Women my age want to know how to hold on to youth as long as humanly possible without looking like we’re trying painfully hard to be something we no longer are. Women in their 20s want to know about proper skin care, but probably don’t want to be convinced they need a $300 night cream. (They don’t.) And so on and so forth.

All this got me to thinking. Why isn’t there a beauty resource that offers valuable advice, legit research, and firsthand stories about beauty issues and experimentation with products and procedures that’s written for and by women of all ages? Though there are many magazines and blogs I love and will likely always read, nothing out there really fit this very specific bill. So, I decided with some of my fellow beauty industry friends, we’ll start it ourselves. And that’s how Beauty by the Ages came to be.

At Beauty by the Ages, our sole mission is to be ahead of the trends, learn the tips and tricks, get the information from experts like dermatologists and estheticians, and then share it in an age-appropriate way.


ELIZABETH SNOWER  | Editor-in-Chief, Editor, 30’s


Having worked for several prominent beauty organizations throughout the course of her career as an editor (including a major online beauty retailer that carries more than 750 brands) Elizabeth Snower—a self-described beauty product hoarder whose interest in skin care, hair and makeup dates back to her pre-teen years—is in a constant state of trying the latest and greatest the industry has to offer. As the Editor in Chief of Beauty by the Ages, she oversees the stories across the entire site, and writes many of those that are geared toward the “30s” age group, too. She’s not ashamed to admit she loves Botox (just once or twice a year, though!) or that she indulges in a facial once a month. She spends a lot of her spare time shopping online and traveling with her husband.


RACHEL BROWN |Editor, 40’s


A one-time aspiring political reporter, Rachel Brown’s path to becoming a female Bob Woodward took a turn for the beauty aisles when she started covering the beauty business for various news publications. Now, she writes about all things beauty from head (shampoos, conditioners and hairsprays aplenty) to toe (who doesn’t love a good pedicure?). Rachel relishes exposing 40-somethings to new products and trends, and offering ideas for how to make them their own. She’s willing to try bold eyes and lips, and that latest scary beauty service so readers don’t have to. At 1-years-old, Rachel’s daughter is too young to be embarrassed by her mother’s crazy makeup shenanigans, but she will soon learn that she should be.


LINDA SWANSON | Editor, 50’s

Linda SwansonBBTAAfter retiring from a successful teaching career in journalism, Linda became passionate about helping women in their 50’s find new confidence in themselves. As a woman in her 50’s herself, she understood the changes they were going through and wanted to help. It all started when a few close friends fell under hard times and turned to her for comfort and friendship. Her way of helping them cope was showing them how to take better care of themselves – whether this meant getting a makeover, trying out a new skin care device or teaming up on a 22 day vegan challenge – Linda kept them motivated and as a result became inspired by how much it was helping them feel better about themselves and their situation. Linda now spends her days learning about the latest innovations in skin care, cosmetics and hair care, as well as health and wellness so she can help all women 50+ find the best products and solutions for all their beauty and wellness needs.


SYDNEY KEIRAN | Editor, 20’S

laurenSince moving to Los Angeles nearly three years ago, Sydney has received plenty of looks when she tells people she’s from Nebraska. A question of “how’d you end up out here?” is usually next. The answer is actually pretty simple – she wanted to live by the beach and work in the beauty industry, so that’s what she did. Sydney started her career in the spa industry, working with both high end resort spas and smaller family owned operations learning what product professionals choose for their clientele and most importantly why they choose those products. With tons of research under her belt and an unbiased opinion, Sydney aims to give the 20-something readers of Beauty By The Ages a fresh perspective on everything new in the hair, makeup, skin, and nail world. If she’s not testing out the newest DIY treatment to grow her hair even longer, you can probably find her relaxing at the beach or exploring everything Los Angeles has to offer – and if it’s a Saturday in the fall you can guarantee she’s cheering on her beloved college football team.