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At this time a year, it feels like there’s a holiday party every other day. Not that we’re complaining (we’ve never met a bowl of eggnog we didn’t dive into), but it’s difficult to come up with fresh makeup looks for each and every shindig. Luckily for us at BBTA, we have access to numerous professional beauty wizards excelling in the beauty biz because they’re makeup imaginations aren’t as tapped out as ours. We asked Jane Park, founder and CEO of Julep; Michelle, Katherine and Caroline Ramos, the sisters behind Rituel de Fille; and celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, who collaborated with ColourPop on the #SQUAD Collection of lip colors, eyeliner pencils and more, to share some festive and fun ideas for lip shades – easy makeup elements to switch up from party to party for extra pizzazz – that will undoubtedly lift your holiday spirits.

For your office party

Brighten up the corporate bash with vivid shades. “A lot of people are a little understated at work. So, when you go to your office holiday party, it’s the time to dress it up. A red lip is a really classy way of stepping out of your comfort zone,” says Greenberg, singling out the deep crème shade Behr Hug as a stellar lip color choice. Park spotlights Julep’s It’s Whipped lip mousse in XOXO. “It’s a gorgeous femme fuchsia and looks good on every skin tone,” she says. One step below bright red is Rituel de Fille’s Forbidden Lipstick cool-toned pink shade Love in Madness. The Ramos sisters describe it as “cheerful, while keeping your look professional.”


For your friend’s party

Don’t be the wallflower of the holiday party circuit. The Ramos’s suggest the vampy, attention-grabbing Bordeaux shade Fortune Teller in Rituel de Fille’s Forbidden Lipstick range for your BFF’s festivities. “Surrounded by friends—and perhaps some exciting new strangers—a friend’s party is the perfect place to wear the boldest shades in your collection,” they say. For attending a peer’s party, Park recommends selecting a lip color that makes you self-assured. “You want to look your best and feel your best,” she asserts. “My go-to lip color is Beso from our It’s Whipped Matte Lip Mousse collection. It’s a spicy orange that really gives me confidence, no matter who I may run into.”

Lipstick_Written_in_Blood Lipstick_Love_in_Madness Lipstick_Fortuneteller

For your family’s party

Save the shockers for 2016. A family party might not be the best occasion to test that Rihanna-style purple you’ve been jonesing to try, unless your goal is to give your parents heart attacks. Greenberg advocates for neutral tones. ColourPop’s warm nude beige Platform is a safe option. “You don’t want to give your mom an excuse to pick on you,” says Greenberg. Along those same lines, the Ramos sisters contend their Enchanted Lip Sheer in the warm-toned red Love-Ache is “demure enough to wear with extended family.” For practical reasons, Park pointed to It’s Balm in Vintage Mauve. She says it has “just enough color and coverage without fear of leaving evidence when you give a kiss on the cheek. The rich, creamy formula glides on and delivers long-lasting color with a semi-gloss finish.”


For your party

Our lip color experts aim to keep you at the top of your holiday hostess game. They believe you shouldn’t be distracted from throwing a first-class get-together by a subpar pout. “With hostess duties, you’ll have more to do than touch up your lip color. Our bold red, Written in Blood Forbidden Lipstick, wears comfortably for hours while staying beautifully bright,” say the Ramos’s. Park thinks hostesses should favor Julep’s It’s Whipped lip mousse in the red shade At Midnight. “The last thing you want to worry about is if your lipstick has stayed put. I love a hydrating product that will stay put all evening after a few cocktails,” she says. Plus, she adds, “The antioxidant-rich formula keeps lips feeling nourished and comfortable, which is always important during a cold and dry winter.” That’s a pretty awesome parting gift.

Xoxo_Open ItsWhipped_AtMidnight_open Beso_Open

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